By Ryan Yarmel for WRUR

On Sept. 18, Hot Tuna returns to Ithaca as part of its “Final Electric Run,” as founding members Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady will soon be laying to rest their long-running plugged-in project.

On the band’s website, Kaukonen writes: “It has been said that the music Jack and I play was transformative and that we injected an energy into our sound full of constant improvisation taking the compass on a joyride. It is still our plan to continue in our original duo format. We are not retiring from touring, but the Electric lineup of this long-lived incarnation is going fishing for a while. The road may not go on forever, but the destination is still beyond the horizon. Friends, this is the year to catch us as ‘Electric Tuna.’ We will be inviting companions old and new to join us and we hope that you will too.”