Hey Tuna Fans,

Sorry about the delay in posting, we just got out of the studio and as many of you know, it has been an action packed couple of weeks!

Beacon Theater Marquee

WOW, what a weekend!! We would like to say Thank You to all the Hot F@#kin Tuna! Fans out there who showed us a tremendous amount of love and support this past weekend at the Beacon Shows. We really appreciate all the terrific comments posted on this and Jorma’s site. We just want you to know, that We Love You!

Jorma’s Birthday Celebration was special for so many reasons. It was an affirmation of the powerful connection between Jack and Jorma, friends for over fifty years, musical partners for nearly all that time. That connection extends to all the musical friendships and partnerships they have developed over five decades. Without the love and support of those musical friendships, all of this would not be possible.

It was also about the music. Loud, hard and fast! Pure Rock and Roll! It gave us energy and it took us back to our youth. We could have played all night.

Friday Night with special guests Warren Haynes, Larry Campbell and Bill Kirchen

Hot Tuna and Friends

Here are some photos from Saturday Night with special guests Steve Earle, Bob Weir and Michael Falzarano. Pete Sears also joined the band for several songs.

Rock On!

The fans were right. It was great to see Bob Steeler back behind the drum kit. Skoota and Bob hit it off right away. The crowd loved it and so did we. Thank you Bob for joining us and making this event a truly historic moment. It was a pleasure and an honor.

And then there was the birthday boy. Humbled by all the attention and adulation … and grateful to still be here after all these years. Life is Good. And what a good life his has been. Thank you Captain! Here’s to many more!

We will keep posting pictures and videos of the Beacon shows so stayed tuned in. We will also keep you up to date on the latest developments of the new record. It’s shaping up to be one of the best ever.

You can find the set lists and other photos on Jorma’s blog, Cracks In the Finish

More to come. Om Shanti